Tiffany Coulson, NLA Group asked Cary Sneider, Portland State University

PostedSaturday, January 23, 2016 at 2:19 PM

Hello! Are results available for the NAEP TEL assessment? Is there a way to find out school level scores?
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  • Cary Sneider , Portland State University
    Posted Wednesday, January 27, 2016 at 2:40 AM
    Thanks for y our interest Tiffany.  Greg is right that school-level results are not announced.  The purpose of the assessment is to determine the educational level of the country (and in math and reading the level of states and major cities); but school results will not be reported.  This first assessment will just be at the 8th grade level.  I hope that in future years we'll also be able to assess learning in Technology and Engineering Literacy at grades 4 and 12, as we do for reading and mathematics.
    Updating Greg's information—the current target for releasing results is May.  It takes a lot of time to analyze the results of 20,000 students, especially for an assessment that has never been given before. 
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  • Greg Pearson , National Academy of Engineering
    Posted Monday, January 25, 2016 at 9:45 AM
    Hi, Tiffany.
    This is an excellent question. 
    As background to those who don't know, in 2014, the National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB), an independent agency of the US Dept. of Education, conducted the first-ever assessment of technology and engineering literacy in a large sample of 8th graders. (The chair of the LinkEngineering project committee, Cary Sneider, is a member of NAGB and was deeply involved in development of TELS.) The assessment was years in the making and prompted by recommendations in a 2005 report from the National Academies, Tech Tally (, which examined approaches to assessing technological literacy.
    Results from the assessment are expected to be released in March, according to NAGB staff I have been in touch with. LinkEngineering will be featuring the results of the assessment in various ways, since they are potentially so important for efforts to teach engineering at the K-12 level.
    The assessments that NAGB does, such as TELS and those in mathematics and science, are accomplished through so-called matrix sampling. This means, first, that only a sample of students actually take the assessment. Second, each student only answers a portion of the total number of questions in the assessment. Through statistical means, because of the large size of the sample, NAGB is able to report "performance" across the sample on individual questions. But performance cannot be reported for individual students or schools.  The results can be sliced and diced in various ways, for example by gender, race, region (including by state), parent background, coursetaking, and other demographic variables.  
    I hope this helps.
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