Oceanside Union Free School District
Oceanside NY United States
Phone 1678-7525

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OCEANSIDE SCHOOL DISTRICT GOALS & OBJECTIVES 2014-2015 GOAL 1: To review programs, curriculum/instructional strategies, and assessment tools in order to evaluate and improve the achievement of students with different ability levels as they work to achieve the learning standards. GOAL 2: To increase the use of technology as an enhancement to student learning. GOAL 3: To evaluate current systems of communication with parents, students, community members, faculty and staff in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency. GOAL 4: To continue to develop a wellness program that addresses and promotes healthy options in terms of nutritional, physical, and emotional development for all students. GOAL 5: To ensure that our facilities are adequate to meet the needs of all students. GOAL 6: To evaluate and adjust current offerings and structures within the Department of Community Activities in order to ensure that the programs meet the varied needs and interests of community members in a cost-effective manner.      

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