Start Engineering Museum
4405 Westover Place NW Washington DC 20016 United States
Phone 1202-244-5575
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The goal of Start Engineering is to inspire and engage children from elementary school through high school about engineering. Our books and learning resources aim to create an environment where children can learn about the crucial role engineering plays in their lives. We work to engage the larger community of people from academic institutions, companies, foundations, and non-profits working to get kids excited about engineering. Through collaborations with engineering outreach organizations, targeted learning projects, and social media outlets, Start Engineering seeks to serve the needs of engineering education and outreach programs and leaders. Our efforts are also aimed at getting more women and minorities into the field of engineering. We want to provide a rich variety of information and resources that can help present a full picture of engineering as a course of study and a career. In our kids’ book, "Dream, Invent, Create," we use poetry and whimsical, fun illustrations to help children learn about the crucial role engineering plays in their lives. "Start Engineering," our career guide book for advanced middle-school and high-school students, introduces exciting career options, with information on innovations and trends in space exploration, energy, robotics, computer science, prosthetics, environmental issues, sports technology, cyber security and more. Our new coloring and activity book, "What's Engineering? Color & Discover!" will help young children see the world in a new way — as shaped and built by engineers. We hope to encourage kids to dream, invent, and create a better world for themselves and others through engineering.
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