Bevan Suits
Mr Bevan Suits
Owner, Aquaplanet LLC
Decatur, GA
The Suits name is well-represented in the sciences, going back to the 1950s. Many of my uncles and cousins are PhDs with leading positions in academia, the goverment and corporate sciences. Although I have a "mere BFA" from a solid design school, I bring 25+ years of science-based creative thinking as an industrial designer and with an insatiable entrepreneurial drive. I also love our country and the culture of "anything is possible!" I am driven by issues of social justice. All of this adds up to put me in this out-of-the-box / emerging industry of aquaponics. Over the past 8 years I have held and advanced my position, to build my reputation and knowledge base with pilot projects, books, sales and marketing, now reaching to the halls of Congress and the USDA. I tell people that I would give this away for free if I didn't have bills to pay, we're talking food and jobs to benefit the poor and disillusioned. These days we're talking Economic Development. Aquaponics is a social movement as well as a new form of agriculture that engineers can find a lot to latch on to. What's been lacking is solid professional standards and peer networks who have the trust and competence to collaborate. I am fortunate to be part of that global network, to represent my partners who are really making this into an industry. It has not been easy for any of us! So I invite like-minded engineers, scientists and educators to look into what we do and don't hesitate to challenge our statements and assumptions.
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