Sneha Tharayil, University of Texas at Austin asked Malinda Zarske, University of Colorado Boulder

PostedFriday, September 15, 2017 at 5:57 PM

Dr. Zarske, I would love to read more about your work in PBSL in K-12! Can you point me to or share some of your favorite pieces on your research in this area?
Dr. Zarske, 
I'm a PhD student in the STEM Education at UT-Austin, and I'm very interested in the project-based service-learning for engineering in K-12 (indeed, I'm hoping to explore this topic for my dissertation). I'm really excited to see that this is among your research expertise! In my search for past research on this, it's always seemed that service-learning in K-12 engineering (where precollege students are the server-learners)  seems to be a relatively unexplored area, which is why I'm keenly interested in your work. I was able to find your dissertation on the topic through ERIC, but I was wondering  if  you could point me to some of your other work in this area that you think would be particularly instructive for me? Thank you so much! 
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