Dennis R Mukasa, EILED engineering g asked Amanda Obidike, STEMi Makers Africa

PostedTuesday, February 15, 2022 at 5:39 AM

Hello, and greetings to you Madam Amanda. I'm reaching out to you from Uganda. My question is please, as a STEM advocate in Africa, would you engage with others interested in this issue?
I would be interested in please learning from you about how to engage schools and communities about the importance of STEM.  

I currently have a tentative agreement with some young math and physics teachers, along the lines of creating STEM events in communities in Uganda. Please advise us on how we could bring this important way of learning to our People. 

You could give us some tips that we could put in practice, as we learn to regularly do what link engineering is known for.  Thank you Kindly. 

With Regards, 

Dennis R Mukasa
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