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Mission: To assist K-12 schools in implementing integrated STEM programs. 


STEM Services:

  • Professional Development for STEM programs including Engineering is Elementary, SeaPerch, and SeaGlide
  • Teacher/Student Engineering Workshops "bringing authentic engineering design projects to the K-12 classroom"
  • Summer/Vacation STEM Camps for K-12 students
  • Integrated Curriculum Development for schools and districts who want to align their curriculum with Common Core and/or Next Generation Science Standards

Leadership Services:

  • School Administration Leadership Development: Bob will work with School Districts to identify, train and mentor potential school based future leaders.
  • School Board Retreat: A cohesive, motivated and trained school board is increasingly important in today’s district climate of increased expectations and shrinking resources. TAB Education Partners works with school boards to provide neutral based team building activities with the goal of developing a solid school board that works efficiently.
  • School Superintendent Searches: The selection of the district’s superintendent may be the most important decision a school board will make. TAB Education Partners can provide an effective, neutral based search that result in a school board having viable choices for the selection process.


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