Amy Pirzada
Founder and CEO, My Coding Place
I am passionate about educational technology and teaching kids to solve problems with programming. I think that learning the skill and process are so empowering and that coding teaches critical thinking and problem solving while building a love of learning. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Illinois, after student teaching in the Chicago suburbs and attaining certification to teach Math and Computer Science in IL. My graduate studies brought her to Ann Arbor, MI where I met my husband when we were both teaching college freshmen to code in C++. He was an electrical engineer and I studied Education and Computer Science, both working in industry afterwards for software companies. My Coding Place teaches kids to solve problems with digital solutions. We are a coding studio with a physical location in Austin, TX that opened in 2018. We have been running virtual classes and summer camps since March 2020, with a few in-person camps. We specialize in teaching problem-solving and critical thinking through coding. We have also recently branched into STEM topics, offering Digital Arts, Chess, and Math.
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