Jeffrey Phillips
Dr. Jeffrey Phillips
Senior Program Manager, Electric Power Research Institute
Charlotte, NC
Dr. Phillips is a Senior Program Manager at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) where he is responsible for EPRI’s research activities focused on developing advanced fossil fuel-based power plants which include the capture and storage of CO2 emissions. Dr. Phillips has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and BSME from Washington University. He worked for Shell Oil Company, Molten Metal Technology and Fern Engineering before joining EPRI in 2004. In addition to his work at EPRI, he was elected to a four-year term on the Cabarrus County (NC) Board of Education, a school district serving 30,000 students, in 2012.
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  • The Energy Portfolio Management Game (or What's the Best Way to Generate Electricity?)

    PostedJune 25, 2017

    UpdatedJune 25, 2017

    Posted byJeffrey Phillips

    This lesson will help students learn about the various ways to generate electricity. They will learn about the pros and cons of each option. Then they will put their new knowledge to use by selecting what types of new power plants will be built in their "country". The teacher divides the class into six teams. Each team will be assigned different country with different local energy resources and different political leanings (the "countries" are roughly modeled after Germany, Hawaii, Japan, Arizona, Iceland and Brazil). Once they've made their selections the students will have to defend them in presentations to their peers. Besides learning about the various ways to generate electricity, the students will also discover that selecting the best power plant involves not only technology and economics but also values and politics. This is a multi-disciplinary lesson disguised as a science project!

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