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Sneha Tharayil
PhD student, University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX
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  • PostedApril 21, 2015

    UpdatedSeptember 27, 2017

    Posted bySneha Tharayil

    I had developed this project for my 8th grade students during our "Motion and Forces" physical science unit in order to give them an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of friction in a project-based type assessment. At the time, the school at which I was teaching had not yet adopted NGSS as it was just beginning to be rolled out at the time. Hence, this project is primarily aligned with the old version of the California State Science Standards.
    However, I believe this project has potential to be further developed into a truly meaningful design-based project. Hence, I am relying and would therefore LOVE any ideas/feedback from the LinkEngineering community to help me improve this lesson/project. In particular, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions anyone may have as to what a fair-test could be for students to use to test out their designs and collect data.

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