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The Share an Experience feature allows anyone who has implemented a lesson or participated in a professional development experience to explain how they used or modified the resource, what worked and what was a challenge, and how useful it might be for other educators.  This list includes all of the resources on which LinkEngineering members have  already shared their experiences. 

If you don't see the resource you have used here, check the complete list of lessons or PD opportunities and be the first to share your experience!


TeachEngineering Resources

aboutpage.jpgHave you used a lesson from Share your experience with it by visiting, browsing for the lesson you used, and clicking on the LinkEngineering Share An Experience box on that page.

TeachEngineering ( is a free, web-based digital library collection of hands-on K-12 engineering curricula created for educators to make science and math come alive through engineering design and habits of mind. TeachEngineering curricula are externally reviewed and aligned with state, national and/or international science, mathematics and technology standards, and use engineering (increasingly focused on design) as the vehicle to integrate science and mathematics concepts for K-12 students.

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