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We are excited to offer a free Video Conversation series for easy, inspiring, professional development. These webchats with leaders in PK-12 Engineering Education will be live, scheduled, events with lots of time for Q & A. A copy will be available for viewing on LinkEngineering and YouTube. And, of course, you can join the conversation before and after at If you are able to attend live and would like a participation certificate, email us.

Past Conversations:

Video Conversation: Expanding Engineering Education Thumbnail

Expanding Engineering Education with Out-of-School Time Learning

Recorded January 10, 2019

Lack of classroom time is one of the hurdles that teachers face in providing engineering experiences for their students. Join us to discuss how Out-of-School time learning can expand STEM opportunities for educators, students, and families.

Video Conversation: Building Literacy Thumbnail

Building Literacy with PreK-2 Engineering Experiences with Beth Van Meeteren

Recorded December 13, 2018

Reading dominates instructional time in preschool through second grade to the extent of eliminating engineering experiences for children at a time crucial in forming STEM identities. This session will illustrate how daily early engineering experiences do not impede, but enhance literacy development in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing.

Video Conversation: Family Engagement Thumbnail

Family Engagement in Pk-12 Engineering Education with Linda Kekelis and Tara Chklovski

Recorded November 1, 2018

Studies have shown that parents have a powerful influence on students’ success in STEM and future careers. Parents and guardians can be advocates and support their child’s engagement in engineering activities if they are given some tools and encouragement. Whether you work with kids in the classroom, an afterschool club, or a community program you can empower families. You can offer hands-on experiences with engineering, send home supplies and activities to try as a family, and share accessible opportunities to explore engineering in the community. Join Linda Kekelis of STEM Next Opportunity Fund and Tara Chklovski of Iridescent to learn about ways to engage families in their children’s STEM experiences.

Video Conversation: Defining STEM Thumbnail

Defining STEM  with Greg Pearson and Anne Jolly

Recorded October 23, 2018

What do we mean when we talk about STEM? And how do we apply STEM to Pk-12 education? Is STEM the study of any one of the 4 subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math? Or, is STEM the integration of 2 or more subjects while solving real life problems? Does STEM offer something for students beyond career readiness?

If you find yourself a little confused, you are not alone. Join Greg Pearson, of the National Academy of Engineering and veteran educator, Anne Jolly, author of STEM by Design to talk about what makes a meaningful STEM experience.

Video Conversation: Let's Talk NGSS Thumbnail

Let's Talk Next Generation Science Standards with Ted Willard

Recorded August 21, 2018

Have questions about the Next Generation Science Standards? Learn about the NGSS and the Framework for K–12 Science Education which they are based on, learn how engineering fits in, plus get tips on implementation in this Video Conversation with Ted Willard, Program Director at the NSTA (National Science Teachers Association.) Ted will be joined by veteran science teacher and STEM coach, Rachael Manzer.

Video Conversation: FAB Labs Thumbnail

Tapping the Potential of Fab Labs with Ken Welty

Recorded June 26, 2018

Does your school have a Fab Lab? Not sure exactly what to do with it?  Wish your school had one? Learn how Fab Labs can be used to support multi-disciplinary learning. Join us to discuss using simple problems to teach age-appropriate STEAM concepts, how the design process works, how design-based experiences engage students and how to align your activities with national standards. Ken Welty will by joined by high school educator, Laurence Charlier.

Video Conversation: TeachEngineering Thumbnail

TeachEngineering: Making the most of Free STEM Curriculum with Mike Soltys

Recorded June 12, 2018

Ready to start engineering with your students? Did you know there is a digital library of STEM curriculum with over 1,600 free STEM activities and standards aligned lesson plans searchable by age, subject and time commitment?  Join some of the team from TeachEngineering to learn about their extensive, free, online collection of STEM lessons for Pk-12 students. Topics covered will include how to get started, how to choose a lesson plan, the importance of standards alignment, and what makes a “meaningful engineering experience.”

Video Conversation: Say Yes to Eng Ed Thumbnail

Say Yes to Engineering Education: Overcoming Six Common Fears

Recorded May 15, 2018

Do you like the idea of including engineering education in the classroom but are overwhelmed by perceived obstacles? Christine Cunningham has worked with hundreds of elementary and middle school educators to develop strategies to overcome those hurdles. Join us to learn how to find the time, prepare materials, and manage student expectations while getting tips on how to handle a diverse array of ideas, grade effectively and make sure that no one gets left behind. Joining her is Nancy Yocom de Romero, a middle school educator, who was one of the first teacher colloaborators with Engineering is Elementary.

Video Conversation: Playful Learning Thumbnail

Playful Learning - Making Engineering Fun with Ann Marie Thomas

Recorded on May 1, 2018

Learn how to bring joy to your STEM classes and get your students excited to explore engineering. The founder of the Playful Learning Lab and Co-Creator of OK Go Sandbox will share her approach to making STEM fun. She will be joined by 5th grade teacher, Alison Haugh, a Playful Learning Lab alumni.

Video Conversation: Engineering Basics Thumbnail

Engineering Basics for PK-12 Educators w/Cary Sneider, PhD

Recorded on April 17, 2018

Not entirely clear on what engineering is and how to teach it to PK-12 students? Here is your chance to learn the basic engineering principles that can be implemented at every grade level, from one of the foremost educators of engineering.  Our first conversation is with Cary Sneider who just received the Robert H. Carleton Award for National Leadership in the Field of Science Education, NSTA's highest and most prestigious award.


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