Tapping the Potential of Fab Labs

Does your school have a Fab Lab? Not sure exactly what to do with it?  Wish your school had one? Learn how Fab Labs can be used to support multi-disciplinary learning. Join us to discuss using simple problems to teach age-appropriate STEAM concepts, how the design process works, how design-based experiences engage students and how to align your activities with national standards. Ken Welty will by joined by high school educator, Laurence Charlier.

The webinar was recorded on June 26, 2018.

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Ken Welty, PhD is a Professor in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stout where he teaches instructional methods courses for technology and science education at the undergraduate level and research methods and program evaluation at the graduate level.  His work includes evaluating the treatment of engineering in STEM curricula for the National Academy of Engineering and investigating students’ conceptions of technology and engineering.  He is an instructor in the WiFab Retreat, a summer prodessional development fab lab "boot camp" for k-12 educators and is a consultant to schools wanting to make the best use of their fab labs.

Laurence Charlier is a the Fab Lab Director and Technology and Engineering Teacher at Northwestern High School in Wisconsin. Laurence has been involved in UW-Stout fab lab since its inception. He performs assessments of Fab Labs throughout WI for UW-Stout to discern what makes a quality fab lab. In his current position, he is leading the charge to develop a STEM/fab lab curriculum for K-12 teachers and students in Maple, WI. He teaches with Ken at the WiFab Retreat.