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Happy Star Wars Day!

PostedWednesday, May 4, 2016 at 9:55 AM

May 4th, as in May the Fourth (Be With You) has become a fun day for all fans of the Star Wars movies, books, games, and TV shows. Even NASA flight engineer Rick Mastracchio got in on the fun from the International Space Station! Engineering abounds in the Star Wars movies, from the special effects to the characters’ behaviors and knowledge. The information that Luke, Wedge, and the other Rebel pilots learned through the analysis of the engineering plans of the Death Star allowed them to take advantage of a serious engineering flaw and deal the Empire a crushing blow. Watching scenes from Star Wars can be a great starting point for discussions of both science and engineering, including the willful suspension of disbelief needed to hear lasers in the vacuum of space. The movies have inspired many current engineers, why not some future ones?

Joe Shymanski photographer

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