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Classroom Resources for Engineering on the NGSS@NSTA Hub

PostedThursday, May 12, 2016 at 4:07 PM

As teachers begin to implement the Next Generation Science Standards, they are looking for classroom resources that support the letter and spirit of the standards. Often, this is easier said than done as promoting student achievement of the standards often requires significant shifts in teaching and learning and there are still very few classroom resources that have been designed from scratch to meet the standards.

To assist teaches with this transition, NSTA has recruited a group of over 50 curators to identify resources that support the standards. To prepare for their work, curators participated in a number of professional learning experiences about NGSS and about using the EQuIP rubric to evaluate lessons and units. NSTA has created an entire website devoted to assisting educators implement NGSS: NGSS@NSTA Hub.

The curators identify a performance expectation, science and engineering practice, disciplinary core idea, and crosscutting concept that the resource could support. They then provide a justification for how use of the resource builds toward each specific dimension of the standards.  While many websites make claims about a resource being “aligned to” a particular standard, NSTA prefers the term “builds toward” because it makes it clearer that no one resource is likely to cause the majority of students to have mastered a particular standard. Instead, in most cases, a particular lesson (or even an entire unit) is meant to be one of many learning experiences that would lead to achievement of the standard.

In some cases, the resource can be used as is to build toward the standard. But since there are still very few lessons that are specifically designed to target NGSS, in most cases the curators suggest modifications that teachers can make to the resource to help it better build toward the standards.

The NSTA Hub has hundreds of curated classroom resources. There are currently 20 that target core ideas in engineering, technology and applications of science. You can find these engineering-focused resources here:

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  • Lisa Blank

    Posted 5 years and 8 months ago

    Thank you for sharing these great resources for teachers!