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Engaging Teachers’ Voices in Policy

PostedFriday, October 7, 2016 at 9:55 AM

Engaging Teachers’ Voices in Policy

The National Academies was pleased to host a convocation focused on elevating teachers’ voices in influencing policy decisions affecting K-12 engineering education. Co-led by the National Academy of Engineering and the Teacher Advsiory Council and funded by 100kin10 with support from the Samueli Foundation, the two-day event brought together nearly 100 people, most of them classroom teachers, from 41 states. The focus was on inspiring and supporting teachers to take their wisdom of practice out of the classroom and into places often seen to be outside their spheres of influence, such as district and state education offices and the halls of state legislatures. During the meeting, teams of teachers and administrators developed and shared preliminary plans for how they might influence policies to support implementation of K-12 engineering education in their home districts. The convening was just a first step, but the energy level of participants was high and many of the ideas presented quite novel. The Academies will publish a proceedings from the event late this year, and the organizing committee is discussing the possibility of a follow-on event to keep the conversation going. Oh, and a number of attendees have joined LinkEngineering! Read more about the project.

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  • Frederick  Gragg

    Posted 1 month and 6 days ago

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  • Linda  Kekelis

    Posted 5 years and 5 months ago

    It's great to see the inclusion of teachers and administrators in this work. So many new engineering and tech initiatives for K-12 education reform are developed without teachers at the table from the beginning. Teachers have experience, expertise, and practical understanding of what's needed to create engineering curriculum and professional development needed for successful roll out and sustainability.