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The Faces Behind LinkEngineering

PostedThursday, August 17, 2017 at 2:49 PM

Today is the 3rd anniversary of LinkEngineering’s public launch! This week the LinkEngineering advisory committee met in Washington, DC, to discuss ideas for continuing to grow the community. They also heard from a panel of LinkEngineering community members who spoke about their experiences using the website. Sneha Tharayil, University of Texas at Austin, talked about the professional connections and support she has received after posting her design shoe project and connecting with committee member Johannes Strobel to discuss empathetic engineering. Zoë Randall, a K-5 Engineering and Design teacher at High Tech Elementary Chula Vista, talked about the connections she is making as she learns what engineering looks like at the K-5 level after teaching multimedia to middle school students. Tanner Huffman at the College of New Jersey talked about using the community feed to see what was happening around the country and using LinkEngineering resources as he works with pre-service teachers. A lively Q&A session followed. We thank this panel for inspiring the committee, sharing their personal stories and giving feedback. We also thank Chevron for their generous support for the project!

LinkEngineering Committee

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  • Nathan  Kahl

    Posted 4 years and 5 months ago

    You've all done a great job and have a product to be proud of!