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Connecting through LinkEngineering

PostedTuesday, August 25, 2015 at 12:24 PM

It’s been only one week since the public launch of LinkEngineering, and already we’ve seen a wonderful example of the site’s potential to connect people interested in improving implementation of PreK-12 engineering education.

LinkEngineering member Sneha Tharayil, a PhD student at the University of Texas at Austin, posted a Work in Progress about a running shoe design project she developed for 8th graders. The project was part of a motion and forces physical science unit, focusing on the concept of friction. Sneha needed help creating a process students could use to test their designs. In stepped LE member Jennifer Love, a former performance engineer at Reebok International and now a teaching professor in the First Year Engineering Learning Center in the College of Engineering at Northeastern University. “Would you be interested in collaborating with a former athletic footwear engineer on your friction ‘work in progress?’" she asked. The two have exchanged emails and agreed to continue their discussions offline.

We hope they’ll report back on how their collaboration went!