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TeachEngineering Resources

aboutpage.jpgTeachEngineering (teachengineering.org) is a free, web-based digital library collection of hands-on K-12 engineering curricula created for educators to make science and math come alive through engineering design and habits of mind. With National Science Foundation (NSF) funding, the searchable TeachEngineering collection provides educators with access to more than 1,500 (and growing) curricular resources—including activities, lessons, units, “maker challenges,” “sprinkles” for informal learning settings and “living labs” that employ real-time data. The TeachEngineering curricula are externally reviewed and aligned with state, national and/or international science, mathematics and technology standards, and use engineering (increasingly focused on design) as the vehicle to integrate science and mathematics concepts for K-12 students.

The TeachEngineering digital library is a multi-university collaborative project led by the University of Colorado Boulder. The collection is comprised of classroom-tested curricular contributions from more than 50 engineering programs (mostly NSF-funded), including GK-12 and Research Experience for Teachers. The TeachEngineering digital library continues to grow and evolve with new curricular submissions and publications monthly, a cadre of volunteer teacher and engineer reviewers, and feedback from educators who use the curricula to engage youth in the creativity and integrative nature of engineering design.

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