Louis Nadelson
Associate Professor, School of Teacher Education and Leadership
Logan, UT
Joined LinkEngineering on 10/09/2014

Louis S. Nadelson is an associate professor and lead researcher for the Center for the School of the Future in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education at Utah State University.  He has a BS from Colorado State University, a BA from the Evergreen State College, a MEd from Western Washington University, and a PhD in educational psychology from UNLV.  His scholarly interests include all areas of STEM teaching and learning, inservice and preservice teacher professional development, program evaluation, multidisciplinary research, and conceptual change.  Nadelson uses his over 20 years of high school and college math, science, computer science, and engineering teaching to frame his research on STEM teaching and learning.  Nadelson brings a unique perspective of research, bridging experience with practice and theory to explore a range of interests in STEM teaching and learning.  

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