Erdinc Acar
Mr. Erdinc Acar
Science Advisor, Magnolia Public Schools
Irvine, CA
Accomplished and forward-thinking educator with 15+ years of instructional leadership in developing and implementing leading-edge programs and services that align with mission and vision of educational institutions. Outstanding record of improving processes by adapting and applying aspects of STEM Education in school systems including urban and charter schools, through comprehensive research, strategic evaluation and effective presentations of best practices in curricula, programs, tools and technologies. Pioneered establishment educational programs and professional development portals for academic advancement, combined with directing formative assessment and performance-based programs. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for collaboration with staff members and building key relationships with parents and stakeholders. Resourceful and energetic professional, committed to high standards, working towards utilizing knowledge and expertise for integrating STEM principles and providing direction and leadership to schools performance and academic achievement in eliminating achievement gap. Married and enjoys Southern California with his two adorable school-age children.
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