To provide resources to teachers to bring technology and engineering education to PreK-12th Grade students
To have all teachers understand and relate the importance of how engineering and technology affect humanity and how students can be a part of that progress.
Engineering and Technology Skills are Life Skills
Discover More Ideas in Pre K-12 Engineering Education
  • This video is the grand prize winner for the 2014 Engineering for You contest sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering. Read More
  • The world in which we live and work today was shaped and is maintained through engineering. As we have become more dependent on technology, engineering had become more important to our daily lives. Read More
  • The profession we know as engineering today emerged during the 1500’s. but humans have been adapting their environment since before recorded history. Read More
  • by Howard Chan, Co-Founder of Cori STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, is not simply a list of subjects that are to be taught or kit recipes to follow, but more of an educational approach to teaching and mindset for learning/applying. Although there are several models of implementing a STEAM program, the most commonly applied model is the Engineering Design Process (EDP). Although the EDP is typically used in the professional field, we have formatted the process in the context of K12 education and is now a critical part of NGSS.
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  • Here is one way to test your tower structures you create in your engineering classes.
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  • Developing the Mindset A STEM mindset is flexible and curious and is often thought of as “outside the box” thinking. A STEM mindset is challenging, as learners wonder about problems that aren’t always easily solved. It includes things like combining ideas to create new things and taking apart things to find out how they work.
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