This section allows you to browse activities, lessons, or training opportunities, and you will also be able to share your experiences with lessons from our collaborator,

In the future, we hope to apply the Share an Experience feature more widely on LinkEngineering, so that PreK-12 engineering educators can share their experiences with virtually any instructional resource.
Create Better Engineering Lessons

If you have an idea for an engineering lesson or activity - but you're not sure how to proceed - get help from the LinkEngineering community.

Our Work in Progress section allows educators to share ideas for lessons that are not yet ready for “prime time.” Get useful advice from experts in the field and other teachers working in similar situations.

After-School / Out-of-School Activities

Browse our collection of engineering experiences for preK-12 students (and their families) outside the classroom. Some of these resources provide detailed plans for student learning, similar to lessons, but designed for groups outside a classroom. Other resources provide information, ideas, and/or insight for developing entire after-/out-of-school programs.

Share An Experience: TeachEngineering
Have you used a lesson from with preK-12 students or teachers? Share your experience with it, including any documents you created, changes you made to the procedure, or other thoughts. To share an experience, go to and browse for the lesson you used. Click on the LinkEngineering "Share an Experience" box on the lesson page and you'll be able to share.

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